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sw_task Struct Reference

Task structure. More...

#include <task.h>

Public Attributes

struct list head
struct list ready_head
struct list pending_head
u32 task_id
u32 service_id
pa_t entry_addr
char name [32]
u32 state
void * task_sp
u32 task_sp_size
struct sw_task_cpu_regs regs
struct wait_queue_head wq_head
acl_t acl

Detailed Description

Task structure.

Member Data Documentation

acl_t sw_task::acl

User Access Control List

pa_t sw_task::entry_addr

Task entry address

struct list sw_task::head
char sw_task::name[32]

Task name

struct list sw_task::pending_head
struct list sw_task::ready_head
struct sw_task_cpu_regs sw_task::regs

Registers of the task

u32 sw_task::service_id

Service ID

u32 sw_task::state

Task state

u32 sw_task::task_id

Task ID

void* sw_task::task_sp

Task stack pointer

u32 sw_task::task_sp_size

Task stack size

sw_tls* sw_task::tls

task local storage

struct wait_queue_head sw_task::wq_head

Wait queue

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