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sw_global Struct Reference

Global variables structure. More...

#include <global.h>

Public Attributes

u32 next_task_id
u32 exec_mode
u32 current_task_id
u32 res0
struct list task_list
struct list ready_to_run_list
struct spinlock ready_to_run_lock
struct list page_ref_list
irq_handlertask_irq_handler [GIC_NR_IRQS]
void * task_irq_handler_data [GIC_NR_IRQS]
struct list device_acl_list

Detailed Description

Global variables structure.

Member Data Documentation

u32 sw_global::current_task_id

Current task ID

struct list sw_global::device_acl_list

Pointer to device permission list

u32 sw_global::exec_mode

Execution mode flag

u32 sw_global::next_task_id

next ready to run task ID

struct list sw_global::page_ref_list

Page reference list for shared memory tracking

struct list sw_global::ready_to_run_list

Global ready to run task list

struct spinlock sw_global::ready_to_run_lock

Spinlock to lock the ready to run list

u32 sw_global::res0
irq_handler* sw_global::task_irq_handler[GIC_NR_IRQS]

Task IRQ handler

void* sw_global::task_irq_handler_data[GIC_NR_IRQS]

Task IRQ handler data

struct list sw_global::task_list

Global task list

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