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sw_file_operations Struct Reference

#include <sw_modinit.h>

Public Attributes

struct list head
void(* open )()
void(* close )()
void(* read )(void)
void(* write )()
void(* ioctl )(void)
u32 dev_id
char sw_dev_name [20]

Member Data Documentation

void(* sw_file_operations::close)()
u32 sw_file_operations::dev_id
struct list sw_file_operations::head
void(* sw_file_operations::ioctl)(void)
void(* sw_file_operations::open)()
void(* sw_file_operations::read)(void)
char sw_file_operations::sw_dev_name[20]
void(* sw_file_operations::write)()

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