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otzc_encode Struct Reference

Public Attributes

struct list_head head
int encode_id
void * ker_req_data_addr
void * ker_res_data_addr
u32 enc_req_offset
u32 enc_res_offset
u32 enc_req_pos
u32 enc_res_pos
u32 dec_res_pos
u32 dec_offset
struct otz_wait_data wait_data
struct otzc_encode_metameta

Member Data Documentation

u32 otzc_encode::dec_offset
u32 otzc_encode::dec_res_pos
u32 otzc_encode::enc_req_offset
u32 otzc_encode::enc_req_pos
u32 otzc_encode::enc_res_offset
u32 otzc_encode::enc_res_pos
int otzc_encode::encode_id
struct list_head otzc_encode::head
void* otzc_encode::ker_req_data_addr
void* otzc_encode::ker_res_data_addr
struct otzc_encode_meta* otzc_encode::meta
struct otz_wait_data otzc_encode::wait_data

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