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otz_login_t Struct Reference

Login credentials to be provided to the service. More...

#include <otz_api.h>

Public Attributes

uint32_t ui_type
void * p_buff
uint32_t ui_buff_len

Detailed Description

Login credentials to be provided to the service.

Member Data Documentation

void* otz_login_t::p_buff

Buffer of login information sent to the service when the OTZ_LOGIN_CLIENT_DATA login flag is specified. The required content of this buffer is defined by the client-service protocol defined by the service that the client is attempting to connect to.

uint32_t otz_login_t::ui_buff_len

The length of the buffer in bytes. This field should be zero if p_buff is NULL.

uint32_t otz_login_t::ui_type

Bit field specifying which login credentials must be provided to the service. This must be one of the following options:
OTZ_LOGIN_PUBLIC: no credentials are provided.
One or more of the following flags:
OTZ_LOGIN_CLIENT_DATA: supply the client buffer specified by pBuff and uiBuffLen.
OTZ_LOGIN_USER: supply the identity of the “user” executing the client.
OTZ_LOGIN_GROUP: supply the identity of the “group” executing the client.
OTZ_LOGIN_NAME: supply the “name” of the client executable. This may include path information to strengthen the differentiation between executables with the same name.
OTZ_LOGIN_DIGEST: supply the cryptographic “digest” of the currently running client process to the service. This enables the service to compare the digest with a known good value to ensure that the client has not been tampered with.
OTZ_LOGIN_ALL: A utility constant which indicates that all of the available login flags have been specified.

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