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otz_client_encode_cmd Struct Reference

Encode command structure. More...

#include <otz_client.h>

Public Attributes

unsigned int len
void * data
int offset
int flags
int param_type
int encode_id
int service_id
int session_id
unsigned int cmd_id

Detailed Description

Encode command structure.

IOCTL request

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int otz_client_encode_cmd::cmd_id
void* otz_client_encode_cmd::data
int otz_client_encode_cmd::encode_id
int otz_client_encode_cmd::flags
unsigned int otz_client_encode_cmd::len
int otz_client_encode_cmd::offset
int otz_client_encode_cmd::param_type
int otz_client_encode_cmd::service_id
int otz_client_encode_cmd::session_id

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