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obj_values Struct Reference

#include <gui_manager.h>

Public Attributes

s32int button_width
s32int textfield_width
s32int label_width
s32int window_x1
s32int window_y1
s32int window_x2
s32int window_y2
s32int obj_x
s32int obj_y
s32int obj_width
s32int obj_height
s32int max_height
s32int curr_height
s32int end_inserting_obj
s32int obj_coord [500][4]
u8 * obj_str [500]
u8 * obj_type [500]
u8 obj_id [500][500]
u32 window_color
u32 obj_color [500]
s32int obj_count
s32int space_bw_obj
u8 active_textbox [100]
s32int total_textbox

Member Data Documentation

u8 obj_values::active_textbox[100]
s32int obj_values::button_width
s32int obj_values::curr_height
s32int obj_values::end_inserting_obj
s32int obj_values::label_width
s32int obj_values::max_height
u32 obj_values::obj_color[500]
s32int obj_values::obj_coord[500][4]
s32int obj_values::obj_count
s32int obj_values::obj_height
u8 obj_values::obj_id[500][500]
u8* obj_values::obj_str[500]
u8* obj_values::obj_type[500]
s32int obj_values::obj_width
s32int obj_values::obj_x
s32int obj_values::obj_y
s32int obj_values::space_bw_obj
s32int obj_values::textfield_width
s32int obj_values::total_textbox
u32 obj_values::window_color
s32int obj_values::window_x1
s32int obj_values::window_x2
s32int obj_values::window_y1
s32int obj_values::window_y2

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