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lfn_entry Struct Reference

Structure of the long file name slot. More...

#include <fat32.h>

Public Attributes

u8 ord_field
u8 fname0_4 [LFN_FIRST_SET_LEN]
u8 flag
u8 reserved
u8 chksum
u8 fname6_11 [LFN_SEC_SET_LEN]
u8 empty [LFN_EMPTY_LEN]
u8 fname12_13 [LFN_THIRD_SET_LEN]

Detailed Description

Structure of the long file name slot.

Member Data Documentation

u8 lfn_entry::chksum
u8 lfn_entry::empty[LFN_EMPTY_LEN]
u8 lfn_entry::flag
u8 lfn_entry::fname0_4[LFN_FIRST_SET_LEN]
u8 lfn_entry::fname12_13[LFN_THIRD_SET_LEN]
u8 lfn_entry::fname6_11[LFN_SEC_SET_LEN]
u8 lfn_entry::ord_field
u8 lfn_entry::reserved

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