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cpu_section Struct Reference

Section page table entry. More...

#include <page_table.h>

Public Attributes

va_t va
pa_t pa
size_t sz
u32 ns:1
u32 ng:1
u32 s:1
u32 tex:3
u32 ap:3
u32 imp:1
u32 dom:4
u32 xn:1
u32 c:1
u32 b:1
u32 pad:15

Detailed Description

Section page table entry.

Member Data Documentation

u32 cpu_section::ap

AP bit

u32 cpu_section::b

Bufferable bit

u32 cpu_section::c

Cache bit

u32 cpu_section::dom

Domain field

u32 cpu_section::imp

Implementation defined

u32 cpu_section::ng

NG bit

u32 cpu_section::ns

NS bit

pa_t cpu_section::pa

Physical address

u32 cpu_section::pad


u32 cpu_section::s

Shared bit

size_t cpu_section::sz


u32 cpu_section::tex

Tex bits

va_t cpu_section::va

Virtual address

u32 cpu_section::xn

XN bit

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