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TEEC_TempMemoryReference Struct Reference

Temporary shared memory reference. More...

#include <otz_tee_client_api.h>

Public Attributes

void * buffer
size_t size

Detailed Description

Temporary shared memory reference.

Member Data Documentation

void* TEEC_TempMemoryReference::buffer

"buffer" is a pointer to the first byte of a region of memory which needs
to be temporarily registered for the duration of the Operation.
This field can be NULL to specify a null Memory Reference.

size_t TEEC_TempMemoryReference::size

Size of the referenced memory region. When the operation completes, and
unless the parameter type is TEEC_MEMREF_TEMP_INPUT,
the Implementation must update this field to reflect the actual or
required size of the output:
If the Trusted Application has actually written some data in the output buffer, then the Implementation MUST update the size field with the actual number of bytes written.

If the output buffer was not large enough to contain the whole output, or if it is null, the Implementation MUST update the size field with the size of the output buffer requested by the Trusted Application. In this case, no data has been written into the output buffer

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