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cpu_ipi.c File Reference
#include <sw_types.h>
#include <otz_id.h>
#include <secure_api.h>
#include <smc_id.h>
#include <cpu_data.h>
#include <cpu.h>
#include <global.h>


void otz_ipi (struct otz_smc_cmd *smc_cmd)
 Invoke IPI. More...
void otz_ipi_return (struct otz_smc_cmd *smc_cmd, int ret_val)
 Return for IPI. More...

Function Documentation

void otz_ipi ( struct otz_smc_cmd smc_cmd)

Invoke IPI.

This function formulate the parameters for IPI and suspend the current task and invoke the SWI command for IPI notification

smc_cmdPointer to command structure
void otz_ipi_return ( struct otz_smc_cmd smc_cmd,
int  ret_val 

Return for IPI.

This function sets the IPI return value in the originated task. Reschedules the originated task.

smc_cmdCommand parameter which got passed in IPI
ret_valReturn value of the target task result.